Faculty Resources

Locating Funding

Here are some resources for locating funding for your project. If you do not find what you need here, please contact Susan Robinson at 704-687-1869.

Center for Research Excellence:  See CRE's list of funding sources databases. 
NIH Matchmaker : Search funded abstracts that match your research interests.

Faculty Buy-Out and Research Support:
Course Buy-Out:  The percentage of full-time equivalent (FTE) salary and benefits to “buy out” of a 3 credit course in CHHS is 10%. This policy is standard across all full-time faculty in the College.  Teaching salary buy-out is a means to free faculty time for more intense and focused research activity. 
  • Example: Professor A’s salary is $80,000 per year. If she wants to buy out one course in one of the semesters of the academic year, she needs to generate $8,000 (10%) of her salary. If she wants to buy out of two courses, one in each semester of the academic year, she needs to cover $16,000 (20%) of her salary.
Teaching Policy: Although some faculty members may obtain 100% FTE funding support, faculty members may not buy out of 100% of their teaching assignments during the Academic Year as per University Policy.  Full-time faculty with no administrative or other specially designated responsibilities must teach a minimum of two courses per academic year.  Support of the teaching mission of the University is an essential role for faculty, and student exposure to our most productive researchers yields great benefit for them in our classrooms, the community and teaching laboratories.

Summer Salary:  “Summer salary” is any earning paid though the University for work performed by nine-month faculty members during the period May 16 through August 14.  A 9 month faculty can be paid 3/9ths additional compensation from all sources paid through the University Payroll office during the summer. The 3/9ths maximum is calculated on the base salary and is equivalent to 3.0 months’ pay. For example, if the base salary of a 9 month faculty member is $72,000, the faculty member can earn a maximum of $24,000 over the summer.  For additional information, please reference the university policy on additional compensation  policy 101.15 https://legal.uncc.edu/policies/up-101.15 

Indirect Cost (IDC) Return: The University policy is that 10% of the IDC is returned to the Academic Unit. No overhead is returned to the CHHS Dean’s Office.  Distribution of overhead (IDC) within the unit or to the PI generating the overhead is at the discretion of the unit leadership. 

External Funding 

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Hanover Research Consulting
Hanover  Research Queues will  be managed centrally by Lesley Brown and the Office of Proposal  Development. CHHS faculty should contact the College Based Research Officer - vcherwon@uncc.edu For details about the priority order please see the memorandum titled "Management of Hanover Queues" 
National Alliance for Broader Impacts (ABI)

Broader Impacts Guiding Principles and Questions

Broader Impacts 2.0 

Frequently Asked Questions About Revisions to NSF's Broader Impacts Criterion 

Complex, Large, or Interdisciplinary Proposal Preparation (CLIPP)

Information and eligibility requirements for CLIPP support- click here

CHHS Facilities & Resources Guide 

College of Health and Human Services Facilities & Resources Guide (PDF Version)

College of Health and Human Services Facilities & Resources Guide (Microsoft Word Version) 

College of Health and Human Services Data Resources (PDF Version)