Research Policies

New and Revised Research Administration Policies 

  • 20.1: PI Status. This policy defines who can serve as a PI on sponsored projects and outlines procedures for granting PI status to members of the campus community who are not full-time faculty.
  • Policy 20.2: Deadline for Proposal Submissions. This policy defines a new requirement for proposal documents to be received by the submitting office five days in advance of the sponsor’s deadline.
  • Policy 50.5: Tuition Remission for Graduate Students Supported by Sponsored Awards. This policy has been updated to require budgeting of tuition and fees in proposal budgets if graduate student salaries are included in the budget and if the inclusion of tuition and fees is allowed by the sponsor.
  • Policy 50.9: No-Cost Extensions. The policy extends the project period beyong the original project end date with no additional funding. the PI may request a no-cost extension when all three of the following coniditoins are met:
  1.  The end of the project period is approaching, AND
  2.  There is a programmatic need to continue the research, AND
  3.  There are sufficient funds remaining to cover the extended effort.

Guidelines for Charging Facilities & Administrative Costs

This document provides guidelines for charging Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs in sponsored project budgets in accordance with University Policy No.601.16 Facilities and Administrative Costs.

Research Integrity Office

The Research Integrity Office is part of a comprehensive research misconduct program at UNC Charlotte, that includes policies, education, investigation and enforcement. The Office is responsible for investigating allegations of plagiarism, falsification, and fabrication of research materials.  For more information about the Office, including how to ask questions or report possible research misconduct confidentially, visit the Graduate School's website.


Memo regarding facilities and administration receipts (F&A) distribution to faculty

F&A Distribution to Faculty Policy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)