Professional Development for Faculty and Staff

The Dean is offering $1,500 support to each of the four Academic Units and the Dean's Office annually. This support can be used to benefit multiple professional development opportunities for faculty/staff at smaller increments not to exceed the $1,500 ceiling in total and no individual application to exceed $500. Professional Development is a learning experience that enhances professional knowledge, skills and practices to better meet the needs of stakeholders including students, faculty and staff. Funding is intended to contribute to professional development related to teaching and education, research and scholarly activity, academic leadership and management and/or professional staff leadership and management. Funding is not intended to support research (data collection, analysis, or dissemination). Please see CHHS Seed Fund opportunities for such support. The outcome of this support will be acquired skills and strategies that will increase productivity in the individual's role in the college. The program is intended to be a source of funding when there is no department, college or other university support available.

  • Ineligible expenses:  research related expenses, research conferences, subscriptions, memberships

  • Eligible expenses: books, registrations for professional development classes, other items that benefit the professional development of the staff or faculty member

  • Restrictions:

    • Preference given to those at CHHS 2 years or more

    • No individual application to exceed $500

    • May be awarded a maximum of every 2 years, but preference is given to those who have not yet received this award

    • Funds are available each fiscal year until depleted

    • Preference will be given to those who are not currently using the University's tuition waiver program

    • Continuation of this program contingent upon fund availability

    • Preference is given to those who have not received funding

Within one month following the end of the professional development program, the recipient agrees to email their supervisor a final report detailing how the funds were used, what was accomplished in the professional development program and the most beneficial aspects to the individual awardee of the professional development program attended.

Professional Development Program Application