CHHSAC Mission Statement

Our advisors practice a developmental advising approach:

We believe…

  • the advising process is a collaborative effort between the advisor and advisee;
  • advising is an ongoing, multifaceted process that goes beyond course selection to support students in achieving their academic and professional goals; and
  • in asking questions to encourage self-discovery, advocacy, and informed decision making by the student.

As the CHHS Advising Center Staff:

We will…

  • provide support, programming, and resources for majors and minors in CHHS;
  • assist you – our students – in navigating CHHS and UNC Charlotte policies, procedures, and forms;
  • make referrals to campus resources that can assist you in your academic and personal progress.

In fulfilling our vision,

We aspire…

  • to prepare students for the rigors and expectations of upper division coursework, while shaping them to become excellent human services and health care professionals.

Academic Advising Defined:

Academic Advising is the collaborative process in which the student and advisor discuss and evaluate the student’s progress towards personal, academic, professional and lifelong learning goals. This requires regular and periodic communication to ensure the student is progressing in the appropriate academic program, as well as utilizing available university and community resources. Academic advising will assist the student in achieving a meaningful and productive educational experience.