Your Post-Award Specialist will initiate the process.

You will learn about hiring at the kick-off meeting, scheduled by the CHHS Research Officer. Your Post-Award Specialist will assist you with the hiring process.

We recommend that faculty submit an AOR when the notice of funding is received. This allows faculty to hire graduate assistants before the grant funds arrive at the institution. If your grant involves human subjects, you must have IRB approval prior to submitting an AOR request. Your Post-Award Specialist assists with the AOR budget.

You will learn about the process at the kick-off meeting, scheduled by the CHHS Research Officer. Your Post-Award Specialist will assist you in making purchases and charging other non-payroll expenses.

The subcontract documents (statement of work, budget, and budget justification) are provided in the pre-award stage, so that when a grant is funded the contracting team in RED initiates the issuance of the subcontract award. 

Typically, the sponsor contacts the PI and Research and Economic Development (RED) when an award is funded. RED reviews the award and sets up a fund number, after which the CHHS Research Officer schedules a kick-off meeting. 

Reports are submitted as per the sponsor's requirements and will be discussed at the kick-off meeting. The PI is responsible for submitting the reports. Financial reports are submitted by Grants and Contracts Administration (GCA).

The Post-Award Specialist assists with budget revisions. If the sponsor's approval is required this will be submitted to Grants and Contracts Administration (GCA) for onward submission to the sponsor. 

Your Post-Award Specialist provides a monthly budget report.