Prospect for Success Program

What is Prospect for Success and why do students have to take it?

Prospect for Success is UNC Charlotte’s plan to engage undergraduate students in a potentially life-changing opportunity for personal and professional growth.

What is involved in the Prospect curriculum?

Prospect is designed around three interconnected goals – Commitment to Success, Inquiry, and Self & Cultural Awareness

  1. Commitment to Success: Students will identify comprehensive, realistic, and meaningful goals for their collegiate experience, develop intentional strategies for achieving those goals, and revise their goals in light of that experience.
  2. Learning & Inquiry: Students will generate new ideas or knowledge for themselves by developing their curiosity, pursuing inquiry an undertaking analysis and making connections.
  3. Self and Cultural Awareness: Students will demonstrate an understanding of themselves and others as culturally situated and an awareness and recognition of their responsibilities as members of a series of overlapping communities (campus, region, nation, world)

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Brenda Ward

Prospect for Success Faculty Coordinator

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