Nursing, BSN

Student Learning Outcome Statements:

  • The student will demonstrate the provision of compassionate, sensitive and competent care to patients/populations.
  • The student will adhere to legal and ethical standards of professional nursing practice.
  • The student will collaborate with other health care team members in facilitating patients’ health promotion, disease prevention and risk reduction.
  • The student will implement and evaluate the development of a comprehensive plan of care promoting goal directed change to meet the client’s complex needs using appropriate NIC interventions.
  • The student will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills.

Assessment Plans:

  • Student learning outcomes are assessed each semester and reports are reviewed by the clinical faculty and the undergraduate curriculum committee each spring.


  • Clinical-based experiential learning, written care plans, and project-based assignments.

Acceptable Target:

  • 80-90% of students will meet or exceed expectations

Use of Learning Evidence:

  1. Clinical evaluation tools were revised to be more specific to student learning outcomes.
  2. New methods of data collection were implemented to better assess student learning.
  3. New faculty hired to support clinical education and professional mentorship.

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