Social Work, BSW

Student Learning Outcome Statements:

  • Students will critique and analyze contemporary literature focused on social justice issues and present findings in a well-written, organized essay following APA style formatting.
  • Students will work collaboratively in groups to demonstrate engagement skills and model problem solving-skills within an urban community setting; utilizing appropriate, inclusive language.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to write a policy analysis that is based in relevant, high-quality research; utilizing the policy analysis framework.
  • Students will utilize an evidence-based approach to address a real-life social work issue through a conceptual research paper.
  • Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills, awareness of social issues, and a depth of knowledge through a project proposal presentation, utilizing visual aids.

Assessment Plans:

  • Student learning outcomes are assessed each semester and reports are reviewed by the clinical faculty and the undergraduate curriculum committee each spring.


  • Papers, group-based assignments, analytical writing, and evidence-based problem-solving.

Acceptable Target:

  • 80-85% of students will meet or exceed expectations

Use of Learning Evidence:

  1. Syllabi revised to reflect alignment of instructional goals and learning activities.
  2. Consistent, constructive feedback of students’ writing abilities are provided at various stages in the curriculum.

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