Public Health, BS

Student Learning Outcome Statements:

  • Students will be able to respond to health-related problems.
  • Students will analyze and interpret the results of studies, projects and programs related to the public’s health.
  • As part of a group, students will be able to design an intervention using a public health model.
  • Students will be able to communicate public health messages to diverse audiences.
  • Students will be able to function as a public health professional.

Assessment Plans:

  • Student learning outcomes are assessed each semester and reports are reviewed by the faculty and the program committee each spring.


  • Learning portfolio, self-evaluation, preceptor evaluation, project-based assignment, and student surveys.

Acceptable Target:

  • 80-90% of students will meet or exceed expectations

Use of Learning Evidence:

  1. Courses were re-sequenced in order to increase students’ competency in analytic skills.
  2. Additional courses were added to the curriculum to support student learning.
  3. Amount of internship hours changed to support learning outcomes.

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