Business Office


To be good stewards of human capital and financial resources by guiding business operations for the leadership team, faculty, staff, and students of The College of Health and Human Services. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, collaboration, and ethical practices.


To be a campus leader in business office best practices and collaborator to all.


We practice continuous improvement by maximizing personal and operational efficiency; we document our processes and procedures, cross-train each other, and prioritize our work.

We communicate consistently, accurately, transparently, and concisely in a timely manner while demonstrating active listening.

We add value and achieve goals by being proactive, resourceful, data driven, and agile.

We advocate on behalf of our stakeholders in CHHS; leading by example with professionalism, ethical decision making, integrity, and open-mindedness. As members of an institution of higher education, we invest in continuous teaching and learning within our own team.

We promote collaboration by exhibiting positive energy and an eagerness to help and share knowledge to bring out the best in everyone.

We partner with CHHS and the University community as a whole with a shared commitment to meet University goals and support the mission of UNC Charlotte through following appropriate channels and open dialogue.

We work together and value each other by encouraging the introduction of new ideas. We challenge each other respectfully and embrace healthy conflict of ideas.