Below are a few documents that are commonly requested and helpful to reference.

  • Request to Hire Temporary Employee (GA, UGA, Non-student Temp) To be completed for all temporary employee hires and once completed it is forwarded to unit’s BSC to process the assigment adding the new hire to payroll.
  • New Staff Onboarding Guide Very helpful guide when a new staff member begins work including a first day checklist and laundry list of all the systems they may or may not need access to and much MORE!
  • CHHS Sources of Funding A chart that gives an overview of the types of funding that makes up CHHS’s revenue, where it comes from, and how it can be used.
  • CHHS Budget Philosophy A document that defines the financial terms used within the college and gives CHHS’s philosophy and strategy for financial practices.
  • Independent Contractor Checklist PDF version of ICC form in 49er Mart. This is only needed if paying individuals, if paying a vendor under an EIN, an ICC is not needed. Department admin should send this pdf file to the contractor to complete. Upon return, the department admin should review the responses based on service being provided, especially any “Yes” answers. Please use FAQ to determine next steps in addressing “Yes” responses. Once that is complete, enter responses into 49er Mart e-form and submit. Please forward Tax Office approval email to unit BSC.