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The Health Connection Learning Community (HCLC) is a one-year academic program promoting success among a diverse group of first-year students who seek unique learning opportunities. HCLC students reside together on campus, enroll in common courses, and participate in valuable health and career-related opportunities.

HCLC will assist students in the academic transition to university instruction, support learning experiences beyond the classroom, and encourage positive student connections at UNC Charlotte.

Research shows that students that reside in learning communities are likely to have higher grade point averages than other students, and their retention rate towards graduation from the university is higher than students living in other living situations.

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Student Testimonials

Here is what our students have to say about their experience in the HCLC!

"I was very afraid that college was not for me at first. Once I started getting used to classes and seeing my same small group every day that has issues similar to me, I felt normal." - Social Work Female

"As a member of the learning community, I had the opportunity to live with others that had similar majors as me which helped on the academic side of college. I never had a class by myself and always had automatic study groups." - Pre-Nursing Female

"It would have taken me longer to adjust to UNCC if it were not for the Learning Community. Our class was the closest out of all my classes. We got very comfortable around one another and it was so much fun." - Pre-Kinesiology Male

“I have enjoyed being part of a smaller community of students with similar career goals. We’ve grown closer, encouraged each other and been able to get to know our professor better.” - Pre-Nursing Male

How to Apply

If you are a UNC Charlotte, first-year student pursing a major in Nursing, Exercise Science, Social Work, Public Health, or Health Systems Management and are interested in joining the Health Connection Learning Community, please apply here:

Health Connection Learning Community Application

Please note: All student applications are reviewed and processed on a first come, first serve basis. The HCLC will continue to enroll students until spots are filled. After all spots are filled, students will be placed on our wait list.

Contact information

Tracy Bonoffski
Health Connections Learning Community Faculty Coordinator
Lecturer in the Department of Applied Physiology, Health and Clinical Sciences
Belk 215